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Gary Denyer Custom Basses

Just to let everyone know, the new Gary Denyer Custom Basses Website is online!

This will be my home for the Gazzbass brand of basses!

You can visit the site RIGHT HERE!


I have just completed my first two custom bass builds: The Gazzbass Tomcat and The Gazzbass Scarab!

The Scarab in particular was honed to what I wanted to be my own sound, and I nailed the pre-amp electronics!

You can view them RIGHT HERE!

I will be making videos very shortly...

On Another Note
Anyone that knows me knows that I also have a passion for computer programming. By profession, I'm a programmer, but as a hobby I love to develop 3D games for Windows.

I'm VERY excited to call to ALL indie developers out there to support a Kickstarter by The Game Creators, a UK based game engine shop.

FPSC Reloaded is their next engine project, and the feature set is astounding!

You can pledge your support HERE
The Game Creators Website can be found HERE

Thanks All!

Here's a cover excerpt from the track "88" from the album "The Early Tapes" by the genuises of all things music, Level 42. I re-arranged drums, threw in some live bass licks, and just had fun!

There's a little ode to "Almost There" inside... can you spot it?

Cover Of "Light Years"
Here is a recent cover I did of the track of "Light Years" by Chick Corea and his electric band.

This track should also feature a monster saxaphone solo (performed by Erik Marienthal in the original), but MIDI wouldn't do it justice... plus it would take too long for me to figure out!

Love this tune!

Project "Digital Bass"
Well, I've embarked on a software project to fully digitise my bass lessons program that I've been teaching for the past 12 years.
I started writing a client application that will load pre-bought interactive lessons, with full video, audio and tab/notation features.

Read more about it on my blog!

The Dancer
I did a cover of the track "The Dancer" from the album "School Days" by the incomparable Stanley Clarke a while ago. I thought I'd give it some air!

You can find it on the audio page under Cover Versions (click th link above).

New Audio Stuff
I've posted some excerpts from my experimental album "Reflections Of The Minds Eye" on the audio section. It consists of mostly classical/futuristic stuff that I have used in the past for radio and computer game gigs. I hope you like!

Below is a sample excerpt of a track from the album that I wrote in 1995 called "Sage".

Downloads Section Up and Running
Finally I've got some content together for the downloads section. There is some tab/notation, lesson packages and BreakDown! packages. Feel free to take a look...!

I will be updating this section more in the next few days, with a bunch more tab and the occasional BreakDown! thrown in... stay tuned!

"A-Loop" With Video
Here is a remix of a track I wrote. Called "A-Loop", it features the Stingray HH and the JayDee Supernatural Classic Series I. I used CakeWalk SONAR X1 to mix everything together.
I also thought it would be fun to make a little video for the track, so I filmed some random silly shots and strung it all together! ... lele

New Audio File Posted
I posted an excerpt of an instrumental I wrote called "Blown Fuze"
This is kind of an experiment with fusion and piano melodies, combined with double-thumbing bass. I think it has a kind of "Alain Caron" feel to it. I used the Musicman Stingray HH in this piece.
It can be found here (below) or on the Audio page, under the album "Time Will Tell".

Site Renovation
Ahhh... The freshness of change...
I just finished developing the client and server sides of the new-look Hope you like!


New Breakdown Revisit!
In 1983, Level 42 bass maestro Mark King would pen a slap solo piece that would be synonymous with his name for the rest of his career.

This piece was first made available to the mass populous on the "Live - A Physical Presence" album, where it featured just before the start of the song "Love Games", played live in Coronet, Woolwich, March 1985.

The solo has been played live by Mark time and time again, each time giving us a different variation of the piece.

Here's a slow-pace preview...
Loading the player ...

A Little Ditty On The Status
Just a little ditty on my Status Seeries 1000. Still love its sound!

This was played through my Digitech BP200 FX pedal and my PC's soundcard, recorded with a Logitech Quickcam.

RIP Melanie
After a long battle with small-cell ovarian cancer, my sister finally lost her fight. She died today. My family and I want to extend our gratitude to everyone who paused to care about her predicament. She will be sorely missed.

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