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Before Beginning... A Quick Word On Holding The Bass
(This way of holding the bass lends itself to Mark King's style of slap, although it can be adaped to other styles)
In order for you to achieve a tight technique, it is necessary to wear the bass in the position indicated in Video 1. Make sure the bass is making an angle with your body of about 30 degrees, and is high up into your right armpit, but not so high as to cramp you when you are sitting down.
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Video 1 - Wearing the bass
Next, you will need to adjust the position of your slapping hand. Bring your right arm over the bass until your upper right arm lies on the bridge end of the body (refer to Video 2.). Then, bend your elbow up until your lower right arm lies just below parallel with the strings. This should bring your right hand somewhere in the vicinity of the last fret on the fret. board
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Video 2 - Arm positioning on the bass 
OK so far? Next, put your right thumb up until it's making roughly a 45 degree angle with your hand (see Video 3). Now place your left hand (fretting hand) on the fret board, with your left index finger resting on the seventh fret of the G - string (making a D note) and rest your other fingers over the fret board (see figure 3). Make sure your left thumb, which is behind the neck, is roughly in line with your left middle finger.
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Video 3 - Thumbs up for slapping! 

OK, Now on with the lessons!
Technique 1 : Double Pop-Thumbing Click For Lesson  
Technique 2 : Double Simultaneous Pop Click For Lesson  
Technique 3 : Thumbless Hammering Click For Lesson  
Technique 4 : Popped Hammer Pulls Click For Lesson  
Technique 5 : Pentatonic Runs Click For Lesson  
Technique 6 : Pentatonic/Blues Progressions Click For Lesson  
Technique 7 : Popped 9ths Click For Lesson  
Technique 8 : Leading Pentatonic Triplet Click For Lesson  
Technique 9 : Split Triplets Click For Lesson  
Technique 10 : Dead String Pop/Ghosting Click For Lesson  
Technique 11 : Split String Pentatonic Phrasing Click For Lesson  
Technique 12 : Triplet Runs... The Machine Gun Click For Lesson  
Technique 13 : Slap-Strum Combos Click For Lesson  
Technique 14 : Mark King Style Phrasing Click For Lesson  
Technique 15 : The End Result... Click For Lesson  
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